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Thinking about a new RC...

I've been eye balling the B4.1 or the SC10 4x4.

I only have a Slash 2wd right now. I've been wanting something a bit different. I'm leaning towards the buggy, but I also kind of want to go 4x4.

What would you guys recommend and why? i.e. ease to work on and maintain, parts options, etc.
I haven't owned a buggy in a long time. Tower Hobbies has some really good deals on AE kits too.

I'm thinking of just getting the new Pro-Line chassis when it comes out for the Slash and call it good on that truck. I can already keep up with more expensive short course trucks with a slice a4 chassis, but the rear traction is an issue with the mid motor setup where I run. Out door it's not as bad, but the inside clay track leaves me struggling to get it going in the straights. I'm sure some better tires would help. I use Calibers all around oustide and I use Holeshot 2.0's all around on the inside. Thinking of going Tazers in the rear to get that forward bite I want for the inside.

I've been looking at the B4.1 for a few months. What would be a good motor/esc for it and what other upgrades should I look at getting if I decide to go that route?


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No upgrades required if you buy the Worlds kit. As for the motor, I would say 17.5T is more easy to control, 13.5 is good for speed and control.

I have a 7.5T in mine and it is too fast for our loose track surface, my next motor will be 13.5 or 17.5
Ah yes, thanks.. I've been looking at so many rc's that I keep forgetting. I was looking at the B44.1 and won't get it because of saddle packs. I don't have them and don't want to buy a bunch of new lipo's.


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I still have one saddle pack (for my T4) from two years ago when I was moving each cell around to fine tune. 1 cell full forward and 1 cell full rear, trying to NOT put weight in the front or rear. Was doing this with 6 cell NiHM before Lipo. Worked GREAT in my B4, had steering and rear traction! This was with 15x2 motor.

Tried this with my SC10, the saddle pack (20c) didn't have have punch for a 17.5 Blinky or 7.5 Mod.