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Shock boot....


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On my RC8.2B one of the rear shock boots broke, I didn't really pay attention to this and I said that will not change anything to the shock.

I was so wrong...

When I changed my shock oil, the oil was so dirty and black while oil from the three others shocks was clear and like new.

If you plan to remove your shocks boots, change your shock oil more frequently!


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Can't you glue the shock boot till you have new ones?
I had shock boot for my B4.1 and they helped alot but also damp the shocks abit so I removed them


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Go to a craft store and get a bag of balloons that will fit your shocks, I did this years ago, used up all the blue ones first! They won't last more than a few races but on a wet or dusty track it keeps them clean.

Cut the opposite end from the the inflate end and slip over shock body then install the spring to hold the balloon in place.


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"I have several spare shock boots in my parts bin"

What an idea >>>>> extra parts!!!!! :D:D:D:D

I think I have more $$$$ in parts than in my cars!!!
not a shock boot, but i got some shock socks I wanted to share... try badhorsie.com.. Cheers!