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Setups and Manuals


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Post all your setups and manuals here....
Running SC10 4x4 (was a RTR kit in the beginning) with LRP Sphere TC ESC, LRP x12 550 5.5 motor.

Shock oil 30 rear 35 front. I haven't measured the shock collars but I have them set where the suspension arms are flat with a battery in the truck.

Tires are Calibers, not sure if I like them or not, they may be too grippy because when I take a corner to hard I will sometimes roll instead of slide. Could very well just be my driving.

Running -2 camber all around and toe slightly in on the front; it is my understanding that toe in creates straight line stability with the sacrifice of some steering. One thing I do know, the SC10 4x4 has plenty of steering to spare.

I don't have chassis brace or anti roll bars yet.

Running flo tek body

I haven't got to run the truck with the LRP stuff; I just ordered some 65c batteries. I believe running the 35c I currently have would heat up the motor and puff the batteries?

All of these setting are simply where I'm at right now. I'm not saying these setting are optimal by any means. This is just my starting point. After I learn to drive the truck I will begin making adjustments. I don't think I would even notice slight changes at this point. I'm also trying to Learn what the settings do before I start changing thing around hence one of the reasons I began visiting this forum.

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roll bars are a must. You will see a "night & day" difference.