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Rear Diff oils on RC8TCE E-Truggys

RC8TE man

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Im curious of what rear diff oil fits diffrent kind of drivers ? Im usng 7,10,3 on a smooth clay track with some loose dirt and i like the fact that 3k in the rear diff gives you more rotation but the wheelspin it gives you from the torque chews your tires up espially the small pin ones that are soft ! I did use negative expo and it seemed to help with the wheelspin.

Im running a Castle 2200kv monster esc. I think 5k or 4k would help on electric when the dirt is dry what driving style does it fit ?

What are you using in the Front and middle diffs? The combination is the key. Good starting point Front 10,000 Middle 30,000 - 50,000 Rear 5000-7000