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on off switch

Is it best to remove the on off switch for racing


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Mine broke and it's in the on position and has been working just fine....but I don't know if it's better or not


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Factory Member
Depends on the ESC.

Castle had a problem with their switches.

Novak had/has a setup button in theirs.

I have mine, Castle / Speed Passion / LRP mounted so "ON" is towards the back of the RC so If something should touch the switch, it will stay turned on.

RC8TE man

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Cut it off man you will thank me later lol.

I never had one go bad on me on my Mamba Castle it just would never stay mounted on and it got tanged in my axle which did be a favor it sliced it up so i can hardwire it.

The only downside of hardwireing it is you have to make sure you unplug your battery right away after a race very important !