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New 3 holes plastic rear hub carrier for the RC8.2 available soon?


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RC8TE man

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For those who would like to have the third hole on the rear hub carrier for their RC8.2, it looks like AE will have them in plastic really soon because this is what the new RC8.2e RTR uses at the rear.

Check the RC8.2e RTR manual on page 19

http://www.teamassociated.com/pdf/cars_and_trucks/RC8.2e/RTR/RC8.2e RTR Manual and Catalog 6 19 2012.pdf

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Oh sweet man ive been waiting for a third hole on the plastic ones ! Will they work on the RC8T also ?

RC8TE man

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Yea they are the same . I looked at the manuel for the RC8.2 RTR and the part number is the same as the old rear hubs for the new ones your mentioning o_O

I looked on Amain and it shows the old two hole plastic hubs.

RC8TE man

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I asked Stormer Hobbies also and they have the same part number and pic . So im guessing sometime they will be out and with a new [part number.


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I prefer the aluminum rear hubs.... They are stronger and give me peace of mine because I know I'll not break one..... Even if I think it must take a big bad crash to break the plastic ones.

Carlos cruz

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any one having trouble with the aluminum ones seems like the set screw wears and wear on the hub happens any way not worth 80 bucks unless they give us a pin with a flat spot for the screw to sit in im angry right now !Q!@