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My freshened up RC8.2


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Here are few pics of my RC8.2

Team Associated RC8.2
Reedy 121VR-ST engine + AE 2035 Tuned pipe
Team Associated DS1015 throttle and steering servos
Pro-Line Caliber M3 mounted on Pro-Line Lightweight Velocity wheels
Pro-Line Bulldog 2012 body + Wing
Factory Team Aluminum rear hubs
Aluminum servo Horn
Reedy LiFe receiver pack
Futaba receiver



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The Reedy 121VR-ST is a really good engine, good torque and top speed. Easy to tune and breaking in is also quite easy. It likes to run hotter than others engines. Depending of the outside weather, mine runs between 220F and 270F with a race tune.

I usually don't monitor engine's temp. I fine tune the engine for performance and feeling and check temp just to make sure the engine is not over heating. After that, I put my temp gun in my tools box for the rest of the day.

The 121VR-ST is a little bit more powerful than the first 121VR, both engines are good. I run mines with the Associated 2035 tuned pipe


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I sprayed Simple Green and the hosed the buggy and I just let it dry. That's why there is a little rust on the screws :(
Use wd40, your car will look like it's brand new!
I also wash my cars oftenly, and sometimes my screws get a little rusty.
But spraying WD40 right after seems to avoid the problem; there is also a 3M Anti-Rust spray that is not so "oily" and leaves less residue.