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How-to: Cleaning your ball bearings


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Cleaning your ball bearings

Ball bearings are one of the important things to maintain so your car won’t bind or act weird.
If you follow these steps and do the cleaning regular they will last very long!

The things you need for cleaning your ball bearings:
  • Motor spray or nitro cleaner
  • A rag of paper towel
  • Ball bearing oil
  • A needle or X-Acto knife
Step 1:
Clean the outside of the ball bearing with a brush. Make sure you remove all the dust and other debris.
Use the needle or the tip of the X-Acto knife and gentle try to remove the seal.

Step 2:
Spray all the dust and sand out of the ball bearing with your motor spray.
Try to spin the bearing between your fingers (if the ball bearing is to small try with the tip of a pencil).
The bearing should spin freely when it’s cleaned.
If it spins freely let the ball bearing dry completely on a paper towel or a rag.

Step 3:
The ball bearing only needs a couple of drops. Use a good quality bearing oil that’s made for RC ball bearings. I’m using Trinity Royal Oil.

Step 4:
Gently press the rubber seals on the bearing using your finger. And you ball bearings are now ready to be installed back into your car.

william noble

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i use marvel mystery oil ,i do all my bearings at least 1 a month or right b4 a big race. doing a pre race tear-down and inspection will usually catch a bearing going bad if they feel gritty after cleaning relace them .the plus side of doing this treatment of the bearings is a free drive train which is less stress on a nitro and or electric motor which equals less heat .my local track only races twice a month due to the heat for now


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I use a RPM Bearing Blaster for metal shield bearings.