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Airborne Hoosier's Team Associated SC10 4x4

ABN Hoosier

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Airborne Hoosier's SC10 4X4

Here is my Short Course Truck. I mainly run outdoor tracks and the weight, or lack of, made this truck very hard to compete with the heavier SCT's. I have in short a Tekin RX8 and a Pro4 4600KV motor, running 16T pinion 60T spurgear RCShox.com V2 Center Diff and steering ACKbar, Hitec 7940 servo and thr rest is on the setup sheet. I also run the dual stage RCShox pistons. Marcus from RCshox.com is VERY helpful with any questions about his products. The pics show the fan Mod and how I had to dremel a lot of material, including the back metal piece on the Exotek chassis to get the 25mm fans to fit. By the way, I am running a tall gear (16T) and I ran a ten min run and my temps were ESC:135 degrees and my Motor:165 degrees. I believe the fans help tremendously. I also modded my RX box because I didnt want to expose my RX to the elements ($$$). I had to mod it because I chose to stay with the stick pack configuration. I had too many stick packs to look at buying the saddles. So I had to find this alternative. I basically cut the box in half and used the plastic from a DVD case to close up the bottom and top portions. Also, I added 1.25 oz on each side of the servo. I countersunk a hole on the chassis and ran a flathead screw through the chassis and each weight (all 8 1/4oz weights by Jeg's from ebay) and secured them on top with a nut. Also I made a hole on the bottom of the chassis to be able to better get at the pinion set screw. A guy from another forum showed me this trick, thanks Shark. I however put a 8mm flathead screw, countersunk it on the chassis and secured it with a 3mm nut. The nut does not interfere with the pinion/spurgear. It keeps out the dirt, and changing your pinion is 100000% easier to get to and tighten and loosen. I also did the 8mm mod. This mod raises the hub side camber link end up 8mm. It is best for loose track conditions and tames down the rear of the car on and off power. On the other end of the rear camber link I have raised the ball stud 6mm with ballstud washers. You will need the following parts to get this 8MM mod:

ASC9873Team Associated Factory Team Aluminum Hub Carbon Fiber C Tower Set (2)
ASC91121 Team Associated Factory Team 12mm Ti-Nitride Heavy Duty Ballstud Set (4)
ASC4617Team Associated Front Bulkhead Shims

I am satisfied that these MODs work for me. I am not saying that they will work for you. But, for me, driving on an outdoor track, the exotek chassis, added weight to front with weights, rcshox shock pistons, rcshox V2center diff, my truck is way better than it was. Anyway, here are some pics.

Werd..... Those pics rock and speak volumes. Thanks so much for posting about that sweet rig. See you at the track and thanks again!

ABN Hoosier

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Glad you guys like...:)

ABN Hoosier

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Sylvain, there is about the equal amount of 2WD and 4WD at the local track. About 12-15 or so. I had a SC10 RS, I ended up selling it. I liked it, I just felt like I had too many cars to maintain. I am pretty psycho about the maintenance of them. Must have something to do with being in the Army for a long time...LOL

I am involved with a friend of mine with the opening of a new indoor track. It is going to be incredible!!! Might have to get another SC10, but I kinda have my sights set on the RC8.2E.....Muhahahaha

ABN Hoosier

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I certainly will. My friend is going all out on this track. LiveRC.com feed the whole 9 yards! Right here in El Paso Texas!

Speed World
Premier indoor R/C Raceway
" Our Mission "
To have the best race track in the area .The friendliest staff possible. The amenities you deserve for your racing addiction.
** For racers by racers.**
*Features and benefits*
****No Sweat Racing****
Air conditioned / heated
Nitro / Electric All classes!!
160'x 75'Clay race track
12' to 15' lanes 5 lanes
Multi level
Best dirt(clay) we could buy!
**Well ventilated **
** Featuring indoor pits**
**Loads of free parking**
**Overnight camp sites**
*Separate mens and ladies Clean restrooms open during races*
Competitive race pricing and point series with exceptional prizes from major R/C companies .
*Corner Marshal Caddies available for those who race mutable classes and don't want or have time to Corner Marshall*
Biggest drivers stand in EP
Drivers stand will fit 30+
Is this the guy that wants our help out at the track? Well, hell yeah count me in!!!

ABN Hoosier

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Yes. I will introduce you soon. :thumbsup:
yeah seth wants to go camping and drive some night time rambling..


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ABN Hoosier

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Don't know what happened to all my photobucket links. I think these are the pics. I'm working on cleaning/rebuilding my SC10 4X4. Might sell it, might not. Here's the pic's...