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2012 Team Associated R.O.A.R. National Winning Setups


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In the past three weeks, Team Associated vehicles have won a staggering nine R.O.A.R. National Championships across six different categories of racing, ranging from 2WD Buggy to Modified Touring. Like any race victory, the drivers must be in tune with their vehicles and equipment to bring home a championship as prestigious as a National Title.

Team Associated is proud to announce that all nine winning setups are now available for download through www.teamassociated.com/setupsheets. Or go directly to each sheet by clicking on the links below.
B4.1, Ryan Cavalieri
T4.1, Ryan Cavalieri
B44.1, Ryan Cavalieri
SC10, Ryan Cavalieri
SC10 4×4, Ryan Maifield
SC10, Kevin Motter
TC6.1, Rick Hohwart
T4.1, Nolan Anderson
B44.1, Zack Genova