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1/12th scale update


Well-Known Member
New car is very even in turns.
Old car felt different in left and right turns, especially in a high speed quick turn.

As far as I could see the rear strut activated differently in down pressure. Since the strut would lengthen when the car was pushed down. Then you add in the twist and the rear strut would would move in an arc. This would make right turns not have as much of an effect on the strut and left turns have a lot more.

The new car is even in both turns, a very even feel. Awesome to drive fast trough left right complexes.
I highly recommend the updated platforms.


Well-Known Member
Raced this last weekend. Used 20,000 weight for the rear tubes and front.
Next weekend I may try some 30,000 just in the rear.

Love the car still no need for upgrades.
Used #4 rear axle adjuster. Tires cut to legal limit.